Protecting your Identity

Anthem, the nation’s largest health insurer was recently victim to cyber attacks where approximately 80 million records were stolen. Prior to Anthem other large business including Sony Pictures, Home Depot, JP Morgan, Target, etc. were also targets of cyber attacks….

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How to Not Worry About a Falling Stock Market

Too many investors become anxious when the stock market is falling and excited when the stock market is rising.   Unfortunately that is why the average investor dramatically under performs the broad markets as they sell after prices have fallen and…

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When Is a Plus 3.9% Return Really a Minus 7.7% Return?

It doesn’t seem there should be any difference when calculating investment performance, but there are actually two methods for calculating annualized investment returns.  Time Weighted and Dollar Weighted. When evaluating how a manager has performed, Time Weighted is usually the…

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Solar Panels: Purchase vs. Lease

Residential solar panel installations have grown dramatically over the last several years.  Where sunshine is plentiful, investing in solar panels is likely to produce at least a modest return on the investment. In other places, some homeowners choose to have…

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