When getting started with new clients, we’ll describe the six steps in our ENGAGE Journey. After the expectations call, we’ll begin a 4-6 week process (depending on the data gathering timeline) of developing your plan. Find out more about our process below:

ENGAGE Journey

Expectations Call / Meeting

We care about your time and want to make the most of it. This virtual meeting/call helps us understand how we can best help you, allows you to get to know us better, and gives us the opportunity to make a collective decision to see if we’re a good fit moving forward.


Navigate Data Gathering

If you chose to begin working with us, we’ll start by setting up your Wealth profile. You’ll have access to our Client Center portal to share data with us in multiple ways, and we’ll communicate with you on data points needed as we create your plan.


Gain Perspective Meeting

After analyzing your plan, we’ll have an interactive meeting to review your goals, and provide you with recommendations on opportunities to consider and risks to address.


Accountability Discussion

Deciding who will implement your plan provides accountability to ensure recommendations are acted upon and monitored. After you consider the next steps of your plan, we’ll have another phone call/meeting to determine if you will follow through with our recommendations on your own, or if you’d rather have us help you on a continuous basis.


Going Forward (Discovery Stage)

If moving forward with Wealth Management, we’ll begin our Onboarding process to set up accounts, transfer appropriate holdings and implement changes we recommend in the planning work.


Establish Monitoring

Our Team reviews your finances regularly and you will receive communication throughout the year to keep you abreast of opportunities, accomplishments and risks to address as life and market changes happen.


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