Is Rental Real Estate Right for You? 

Rental real estate is hot right now, especially in the Triangle area. Over the past two years, I’ve had many of my clients ask about rental real estate and whether it could be a good avenue to pursue to diversify…

I’ve Been Laid Off. What Should I Do?

Throughout 2022 and into 2023, many companies, including ones in North Carolina and the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area, have had layoffs or have announced that layoffs are coming. Companies from Lenovo, Amazon, Meta (Facebook) to Zillow, Cisco, and Google….

Market Update: What 2022 Could Mean for 2023

What investing lessons from 2022 could help us become a better investor in 2023? Last year’s investing environment included many reasons investors could have used to sell underperforming holdings in their portfolios, including: Inflation impacts Mid-term elections War in Ukraine…

The Importance of Financial Planning

Do you have a mapped-out plan for your future? Do you know the best steps to take to achieve your goals? Financial Planning could be the answer. In a world where 75% of Americans are winging it when it comes…

2023 Retirement Account Contributions limits

2023 Contribution Limits

For 2023, there are several material contribution limit increases across retirement accounts. A very good practice is to contribute enough of your salary to receive at least the employer match. Also, pay raises often present an easy opportunity to increase…

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