Our Client Stories section provides a real look into how our services have helped different clients dealing with different situations.

From job changes, marriage, first child, retirement and beyond, we work directly with our clients’ unique situations to provide services tailored to their needs.  Click on the links below to learn more about what Financial Symmetry has to offer.

Privacy Note:

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. None of the names or specific situations in their entirety are those of our actual clients.

Saving in the Right Retirement Accounts?

A couple wades through all the retirement savings options and struggles to know if their retirement goals are feasible or how much they should defer into retirement plans.

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Retirement Transition Using Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategy

As Martin & Louise approach their retirement date, they have lots of questions.  When should they begin receiving Social Security?  Are they invested properly?

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Navigating Decisions When Starting a Family

Starting A Family

Stan and Alexis both have high  incomes, but they worry about the impact of losing Alexis’ income when she stays home with the baby.

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Medical Diagnosis Shock and Second Marriage

Frank and Sally are entering into their second marriage. Frank’s net worth is in his 401(k) while Sally’s is in real estate.

Tax Savings After Job Loss

Kate recently lost her job, had a large severance package, and sold Restricted Stock Units (RSU’s). These two situations meant a large tax bill due in April.

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Financial Mess

Bill and Susan are busy professionals, and they have three children. They haven’t had the time to dedicate to their finances, and now they are left with questions about how they can get their financial lives in order.

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