Our Wealth Management Service offers ongoing monitoring and implementation of your complete financial situation.

This service is similar to running a marathon—just because you have trained for and completed one doesn’t mean that you’ll be in the best shape of your life forever. A plan is no different.

As your financial situation changes and becomes more complex, it’s harder to account for all of the factors necessary to make good decisions.

Having an accountability partner can help. Here’s an example of our annual service calendar that demonstrates how we stay in touch with you throughout the year.

Wealth Management Experience Graphic

Financial Plan

Life can be full of questions, and sometimes your plan needs to adapt quickly. Your plan will be updated annually and through the year as needed when new questions—and decisions—arise.

Disciplined Investment Management Service

Managing an investment portfolio is a process, not a one-time decision.  At Financial Symmetry, we believe an effective investment strategy involves discipline, research, and a defined process.  See the links below for additional information:

Estate Review

Your last wishes may change, just as your portfolio and its contents may shift with the market. Our annual review helps ensure that your last wishes are aligned with beneficiary designations and existing legal documents. We also help with realigning where necessary to best meet your intentions.

Cash Flow Summary

Finding the time to capture and track your financial progress against your plan targets can be hard and sometimes, overwhelming. We’re here to provide feedback throughout the year on how you are doing compared to your plan, for both spending and savings goals.

Tax Planning Opportunities

The time to save money on taxes is during the year and not when you file your tax return. Therefore, throughout the year we take an active approach in identifying and taking action on available opportunities to you. There are often ways to help you save you money, both now and in the future.

Tax Return Review

Taxes are complicated; we (including professionals) may all overlook an item or two on occasion. Our tax return review process may identify overlooked tax saving efficiencies for amending your return and/or for future planning. Our in-house returns are reviewed and held to the same standards as those self- or professionally filed returns.

Your financial advisor will discuss the best implementation of these cornerstones for your unique situation. Contact us today to see if our Wealth Management Service is a good fit for you.

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Additional Services As Needed:

  • Tax Returns (additional cost) We complete tax returns for a number of our Wealth Management clients. Please discuss with your financial advisor for an estimated cost for your personal situation.
  • College Planning to maximize financial aid, tax aid and personal resources.
  • Social Security Analysis to determine your optimal time to claim.
  • Medicare Analysis of healthcare options at age 65 enrollment.
  • Debt Management Advice
  • Insurance Analysis for life, long-term care and disability insurance.
  • Employee benefit analysis
  • A Financial Coach on other financial matters to help you make smart decisions.