Financial Symmetry, Inc., in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an independent, fiduciary, employee-owned financial planning and investment management firm that provides services:

Five Key Facts About Us

1) We DO NOT ACCEPT COMMISSIONS.  We are fee only, which means we neither sell products nor receive commissions.  Operating as a fee-only firm allows us to offer our clients the impartial advice necessary to make effective financial decisions.

2) We are EMPLOYEE OWNED AND INDEPENDENT. This means that we do not have to consider interests of outside owners, allowing us to keep our focus on our clients’ interests.

3) We offer CANDID ANSWERS AND HONEST FEEDBACK.  We won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but all feedback we give you will be consistent with our current outlook, and will be in your best interest.

4) We have an EXTENSIVE RESEARCH PROCESS. On average, every employee spends 8-12% of his or her time on investment research.

5) We have EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE. Our financial planners include Certified Financial Planners and NAPFA advisors. The certification requires meeting rigorous professional standards including completion of a CFP® Board Certified education program, passing a comprehensive examination, fulfilling three years of full-time industry relevant work experience, complying with the CFP® Board Code of Ethics, and ongoing continuing education.