5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Spending

When it comes to excuses for not monitoring your spending, we’ve heard them all. “I’m not living paycheck to paycheck.” “It takes too much time and effort.” “I don’t want to know.” “I can budget and save later in life.”…

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10 Year Real Returns

Should I Own International Stocks?

Why own international stocks? Especially when, as noted in Exhibit 1 below, US stocks have outperformed international stocks over the last one, five and ten years, respectively.  After all, most investors would have been better off only investing in US…

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Valuation Change

Why Have US Stocks Performed So Well?

During 2011, in the midst of the federal debt showdown, there would have been very few investors who believed the S&P 500 would return 16% per year over the next five years, especially if they knew that company economic performance would…

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