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Should I Make a Roth IRA Conversion?

One of the tools that is available to increase tax efficiency is a Roth IRA conversion. For many, this is thought of as a way to superfund your Roth IRA, but the details are important and can influence your decision…

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Valuation Change

Why Have US Stocks Performed So Well?

During 2011, in the midst of the federal debt showdown, there would have been very few investors who believed the S&P 500 would return 16% per year over the next five years, especially if they knew that company economic performance would…

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Election Influences Stocks

How An Election Really Influences Markets

One of the oldest axioms about stocks is that markets don’t like uncertainty. This Presidential election cycle has been full of major surprises to say the least.  However, when you look back at how stocks have responded during Presidential election…

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Saving Too Much in a Roth IRA?

Roth IRA’s will turn 20 years old next year after being established by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Named after the late Senator William Roth of Delaware, these accounts have become hugely popular. This is because of the special tax treatment they…

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Reduce Your Tax Bill with These 8 Steps

It’s tax time again. No the filing deadline hasn’t changed, but tax planning done now could save thousands come spring of next year. 8 Steps to Reduce Your Tax Bill Running through these 8 steps can uncover tax saving opportunities that…

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