Will I Be Better Off?

Will I really be better off paying you than I would be doing this on my own? This is a valid question we frequently hear from planning clients who have enjoyed working with us on an hourly basis, but are…

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How to Keep Health Care Costs Down

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the NAPFA Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  The weekend before I left my 3-year-old was sick with a stomach virus.  I was scheduled to leave on Tuesday and by Monday morning he was…

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Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

This is a topic we discuss with our clients regularly.  With an aging population comes increased options for retirement living, assisted living and nursing care options.  Along with increased options come increased costs as well which can be exorbitant in…

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Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Most of us have many hidden talents. My husband can strategically pack the dishwasher full of nearly all the dishes in our kitchen and everything will still come out clean. One of my hidden talents is the ability to squeeze…

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Art of Making Money Plenty

The Art of Making Money Plenty

The Art of Making Money Plenty in every Man’s Pocket, by Doctor Benjamin Franklin hangs in my office.  It’s a frequent reminder of the simplicity of building wealth and security in today’s complex world.  The full text reads: At this…

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