2016 Contribution Limits

Looking forward for 2016 contributions, the limits have stayed the same. A very good practice is to contribute enough of your salary to receive at least the employer match. Also, pay raises often present an easy opportunity to increase your…

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Mike Eklund Becomes NAPFA Approved Fee-Only Planner

Mike Eklund of Financial Symmetry, Inc. in Raleigh, NC has been  accepted  for membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PERSONAL FINANCIAL ADVISORS (NAPFA) . With  membership, Eklund becomes affiliated with an organization of more than 2,400 of  the most‐qualified financial advisors in the nation…

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4 Ways to Go Broke in Retirement

A recent article featured on Yahoo! Finance discusses 4 ways to go broke in retirement. Many American’s may feel ready for retirement emotionally, but may not be financially. Here are 4 ways that you can go broke in retirement: Saving…

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