Investing for Inflation, Ep #139

 Recent headlines have people thinking more about investing for inflation. It’s the most recent economic worry, but there’s always something to scare or concern investors. Think about the last 16 months. We’ve had: COVID Crash 2020 Election Reddit/Robinhood/Gamestop Crypto…

Getting Started With a 529

May 29th is National College Savings Day. However, plenty of Americans don’t know about 529 plans or may not fully understand their benefits. As a college savings vehicle that is available to anyone, regardless of income levels, 529 plans should…

Rush to Retire Blueprint

The Rush to Retire Blueprint, Ep #137

 A recent survey discovered that millions of Americans 55 or older are in a rush to retire.  The pandemic has many contemplating retiring years earlier than originally imagined after adopting a “life is short” mentality. But before you rush…

Gauging Market Expectations?

A recent flurry of return spikes for a handful of US stocks has captivated investors and non investors alike. Wall Street news trending on social media even amid an NFL playoff season is indeed an unusual event. So, what should…

1st Quarter 2021 Market Update

This brief video includes recent updates on the global stock and bond markets. In addition, please contact your Financial Symmetry team if you have any specific questions regarding your portfolio, our strategy or performance. Click on the video below to…

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