Should you enroll in your company's ESPP

Should I Enroll in My Company’s ESPP?

Do you have access to your Company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)? Beyond your base pay, bonuses, and potential for stock compensation, participating in an ESPP is potentially a great opportunity to enhance your overall compensation package. Prior to enrolling,…

Are you an above-average investor?

Are You an Above-Average Investor?

Are you an above-average driver? Well, the reality is that ~80% of drivers think they are above average, even though that’s mathematically impossible. And it is not limited to driving, as a number of studies show people rate themselves as…

Retirement plan horror stories

Retirement Plan Horror Stories, Ep #202

There’s so much we can overlook with retirement plans. On this special Halloween-themed episode we’re sharing some retirement plan horror stories to avoid in your own wealth-building journey. Zombie plans Everyone knows that zombies are a slow-moving danger in horror…

Make the Most Out of Your Open Enrollment Period

It is that time of year again! As we approach the holiday season, many employers will open their employee benefits enrollment period for the year ahead. Are you prepared to take full advantage of the benefits that are offered? Beyond…

Stock and Bond Market Update for the Third Quarter 2023

Market Update Q3 2023

Below is a video of our Third Quarter 2023 Market Update. In the video we cover: Where we’ve been over 1, 5, and 10 years A reminder that there’s always a reason to worry Should you invest less in stocks…

Spotlight on Colton Tickle: Competence and Diligence

At Financial Symmetry, our core values guide our company’s decision-making and drive our team toward excellent service to our clients. We have a formal process by which our employees can recognize each other when someone demonstrates excellence in representing our…

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