The Importance of Financial Planning

Do you have a mapped-out plan for your future? Do you know the best steps to take to achieve your goals? Financial Planning could be the answer. In a world where 75% of Americans are winging it when it comes…

2023 Retirement Account Contributions limits

2023 Contribution Limits

For 2023, there are several material contribution limit increases across retirement accounts. A very good practice is to contribute enough of your salary to receive at least the employer match. Also, pay raises often present an easy opportunity to increase…

Should I Be Making Estimated Tax Payments?

The IRS and State Departments of Revenue prefer to have taxes paid as taxpayers earn or realize income instead of the total amount due being paid when taxpayers file their tax returns each spring. As such, they may charge interest…

What Are Stock Options and How Do They Work?

If you’ve been offered stock options, you’ve probably wondered how you should best handle them. This starts with understanding what they are and the rules and regulations around exercising and selling them. Why Do Companies Use Stock Options? Companies use…

Terminal Illness Checklist

If you have received a diagnosis of advanced stage cancer or another terminal illness, first, we are very sorry to hear that you are going through this.  Feelings of overwhelm, fear, panic and anger are all normal during this time….

Is ESG Investing Right For Me?

Increasingly, we as investors want to incorporate sustainable companies and business practices into our lives.  Fortunately, there are many areas of our lives where we can intentionally spend and direct our dollars to facilitate the change we want to see…

Can I Really Earn 9% on I Bonds?

You may have caught a headline or heard some murmurers from colleagues about I Bonds and their currently high interest. If so, you’ve likely wondered how they have that interest rate in this market environment or if you should be…

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