Elderly Fraud

Avoiding Elderly Fraud

Elderly fraud continues to be a major obstacle for today’s senior citizens. This is why it’s essential to do our best to spread awareness and provide tips of how to avoid these scams in the future. One of our partners,…

The Post-Great Recession Economy

The CFP® board requires financial planners to attain a significant amount of continuing education to keep their designations current. This week, Allison and Chad attended the FPA of the Triangle’s 2009 Annual Symposium. One of the presentations by fellow FPA…

Chad Smith

Chad Smith Quoted in Wall Street Journal

Chad Smith, CFP® was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal. With the influx of social media, we are finding more opportunities to share the unique and special ways we are growing. While we enjoy the national attention, we are…

Men or Women More Risky

Risky Business

New research has found that men are more likely to take larger risks in their financial decision making than women.

Buyer Beware vs. Fiduciary Duty

There are two primary types of client relationships in the world of financial advice. The sales model represented by brokers and insurance agents versus the fiduciary model represented by Registered Investment Advisors.

The inherent problems and conflicts of interest with the sales model is why we choose to operate exclusively as Registered Investment Advisors.

PE Ratio

Ignoring Data

All data is not created equal. This chart from Chart of the Day would seem to indicate that US stocks are more expensive and overvalued then they’ve ever been. The rest of the story is that the last 12 months of earnings…

Beware of Brokerage House Research

To be successful as an investor, you have to know which type of sources you can trust. It’s also helpful, to not let recent past performance color your predictions of where the best future returns will arise.  In a recent article…

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tax Credits

For me, one of the neatest things about living in the Avent West community has been observing the transformation of homes through remodel, refurbishment and even reconstruction.  In fact, the same could be said about the entire city of Raleigh…

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