Beware the Tax Cliff With Health Care Premium Credit

Imagine if just one extra dollar of income resulted in the loss of almost $10,000 in tax credits. That’s a real possibility for some individuals who buy coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace (aka the “exchange”) created by the Affordable…

Takeaways from the Morningstar Investor Conference

An important part of our job at Financial Symmetry (FSI) is spending time on research for our investment strategy. On average, every employee spends 8-12% of his or her time on investment research which has benefited our clients over the…

Lessons from The Millionaire Next Door

Are people with a big house or fancy car wealthy? Many would say yes, but the best-selling book, The Millionaire Next Door, written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko twenty years ago proves these beliefs wrong. Unfortunately, one…

Protecting your Identity

Anthem, the nation’s largest health insurer was recently victim to cyber attacks where approximately 80 million records were stolen. Prior to Anthem other large business including Sony Pictures, Home Depot, JP Morgan, Target, etc. were also targets of cyber attacks….

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