Are Financial Advisors Worth the Fee?

I recently read an article on how to save $1 million. The answer: “Fire your financial advisor.” As a financial advisor and the father of four young children, it got me thinking: Do I need to switch careers? And, more…

College Planning Night

We recently hosted our first college planning night to help individuals and families make smart college decisions.  The discussion focused on families with children at or near college, but is relevant for kids of all ages. Paying for college involves…

Why Monitoring Goals Matters Most, Ep #4

So many of us get charged up and rattle off an impressive list of goals but then struggle to follow through. The disconnect between creating and accomplishing is where life change gets stuck. Months pass and we realize our lives are…

Deciding Whether Active or Passive Funds Are Right for You

The most fundamental issue facing fund investors is also the subject of what might be the most hotly contested debate in the financial services industry: Are actively managed funds or passively managed funds the better option? Actively managed funds are run…

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