New Healthcare Exchanges

Do you buy health insurance on your own?  One important piece of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is the insurance exchanges.  If you get your health insurance through your employer or Medicare, it is likely little will change with your…

Buy High, Sell Low

Warran Buffett once said, “the investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”  This is never more evident than with individual investor performance in mutual funds. Morningstar, the mutual fund research company, annually calculates the difference between mutual fund…

10-Year Treasury Yield

When Will Interest Rates Rise?

That is a question asked by many investors today. One way to analyze this question is look at previous situations in US history when bond yields reached levels seen today. As noted in the chart, the previous treasury yield low…

College Planning

Are you trying to save for a child going to college?  If so, keep in mind the cost of college continues to increase faster than inflation with the largest increases at public universities: Percentage cumulative change over the last 10…

Where do Stock Returns come from?

What is a stock? It is an ownership of a company which represents a claim on future earnings.  Many have been told to buy stocks because they are the best long-term investment, but few know where these returns actually come…

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