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Do You Know Your Financial Fitness?

There is a companion podcast for this post available. You can listen through the player above, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. There’s a reason you hear so many comparisons made between the daily decision making around…

It’s The Little Things, Ep #12

It’s the little things. From Tom Brady to Nick Saban, high performers tout their focus on the small details as the secret to their success. Little things make up the big things. But doing the little things is easy to…

Should I Rush to Refinance Before the Fed Decides on Rates?

The Federal Reserve decided to leave short-term interest rates unchanged when it met in April but left open the possibility of raising rates in mid-June. News of the Fed’s decisions is always of interest to homeowners and prospective homeowners, because short-term rates…

Graduation Gifts That Make a Real Difference

Think back to those wonderful days leading up to your graduation. Your time was likely spent attempting to secure a job, celebrating with friends and family and receiving gifts. But how many of those we’re memorable? How would you’ve liked…

Are You Missing Tax Opportunities?

I’m not sure about you, but we haven’t met many people that wouldn’t love to lower their tax payments. As we move in to the heart of tax season, do you find yourself wondering every year around this time, what other…

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