Navigating Elder Care, Ep# 28

For many of us, our parents getting older is a tricky situation to navigate. How do you respectfully offer your help? Ensure they get the best care? How do you know what to do with their bills and other finances? In our first-ever…

10 Year Real Returns

Should I Own International Stocks?

Why own international stocks? Especially when, as noted in Exhibit 1 below, US stocks have outperformed international stocks over the last one, five and ten years, respectively.  After all, most investors would have been better off only investing in US…

Episode 25: 10 Tips for More Tax Savings

Tax savings is a peculiar planning topic. It’s an idea that almost everyone wants more of, but few follow through to complete it. Most people don’t realize the large amount of tax savings they could have by making a few simple tweaks….

Don't Fail In Retirement

Don’t Fail In Retirement, Ep #22

For most people, retirement is that time on the horizon when you get to do what you want, when you want. But surprisingly, it’s not all that uncommon for people to retire only to go back to work or face…

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