I Bought Quicken, Now How Do I Use It?

There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to implement a new budget in order to gain control of your spending. In the final installment of our series on Quicken, we provide a few pointers to make using Quicken more meaningful so that you can better track where your money goes.

Understanding Morningstar Star Ratings

When selecting mutual funds to use in our client’s accounts we use various quantitative and qualitative factors to evaluate if we believe a fund can add value.  Morningstar is the most widely used source of mutual fund data and analysis,…

Quicken Your Budgeting Skills

As many of you know, it can be hard to create a budget and even harder to stick to it. To do so, we generally recommend using software like Quicken that is designed specifically for expense tracking.

Compromised Brokers

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is now offering as much as 330% of a brokers annual production to join the firm. Click here to view the article from Investment News: “Morgan Stanley Smith Barney pumps up recruiting packages to lure top…

Bill Ramsay Participates in TBJ Roundtable

Bill Ramsay, CFP®, recently participated in his third Triangle Business Journal roundtable event. The 2009 Financial Roundtable: Wealth Strategies was held at the Triangle Business Journal office on September 29th, 2009, with the full article appearing in the October 16th,…

Will Holt Earns CFP Certification

Financial Symmetry Inc. is proud to announce that Will Holt, CPA, has earned the CFP® designation. Congratulations Will! The following is Will’s recent letter to our clients announcing his achievement. When I joined Financial Symmetry a little over three years…

Fiduciary vs. Suitability

Understanding the difference between a fiduciary standard and a suitability standard could pay major dividends in a relationship with a financial professional. This is because financial planners operating under the fiduciary standard are required to put the client’s interest ahead of his…

Fund Performance Linked to Management Ownership

When researching mutual funds to invest client funds, we evaluate numerous aspects including (just to name a few): corporate culture manager experience compensation research philosophy expenses management ownership Naturally, one of our primary concerns is that fund managers have their interests…

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