Spotlight on Colton Tickle: Competence and Diligence

At Financial Symmetry, our core values guide our company’s decision-making and drive our team toward excellent service to our clients. We have a formal process by which our employees can recognize each other when someone demonstrates excellence in representing our core values. Our core values are compassion, integrity, diligence, independence, competence, objectivity, confidentiality, gratitude, and teamwork.

Our portfolio manager, Colton Tickle, is often recognized internally for demonstrating competence and diligence. Colton joined the Financial Symmetry first as an intern and then full-time in 2016 as a Client Service Associate. From there he shifted into a role working with investments and executing trades, and he has grown into the role of portfolio manager.

Diligence involves showing conscientious and persistent effort, care, and attention to detail in performing one’s role. Colton’s diligence is seen through his strong work ethic and dedication to excellence. His meticulous attention to detail has led to thousands of executed trades for our clients over the years. His commitment to thorough analysis ensures that every aspect of FSI’s investment strategy, from research to implementation in client’s accounts, is handled with utmost care and precision.

Competence refers to knowledge, skills, efficiency, and experience in one’s field. Colton’s competence is demonstrated through his high level of expertise and knowledge of the capital markets, vast investment options, and market opportunities. He consistently works to further his knowledge and keep up with dynamic market conditions. Colton’s research and analytical prowess are combined to further enhance the value we’re able to provide our clients.

Colton works regularly with FSI’s financial advisors to help better communicate the complex aspects of investing in ways that are easy for clients to understand, enhancing our clients’ investment experience and financial literacy.

Perhaps equally impressive is Colton’s consistently positive attitude, which uplifts the team and contributes to a vibrant and engaging work environment. His infectious smile, resilience in the face of challenges, and an ever-present willingness to assist colleagues have contributed to a harmonious workplace culture, aligning with our values at Financial Symmetry.

We deeply appreciate Colton and all that he has done to further Financial Symmetry’s clients’ success and growth.

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