Episode 36 – Money Can Buy Happiness

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Money Can Buy HappinessWhen was the last time you asked yourself: what purchases have I made in the last month that really made me happy? It might sound like a silly question, but as we’ll reveal in this episode, the answer is key to making sure you spend money in a way that supports short- and long-term happiness.

In this episode, we’re switching it up a bit and giving you a rundown of one of our favorite books: Happy Money: The Science of Happier SpendingHappy Money gives you the tools to spend in ways that can help you build and sustain happiness over a lifetime. And to make it even more fun, we’re talking about popular movies that align with each of the book’s five principles. 

We’ll talk about the 5 ways you can spend money to bring happiness to yourself and others. And don’t forget the final critical component of spending for happiness: knowing how much you’re able to spend.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • #1: Spend Money on Experiences
  • #2: Make Things a Treat
    • If we treat ourselves all the time, it loses that special something – save your money and anticipate the treat instead!
    • A Christmas Story
  • #3: Buy Your Time Back
    • Paying for certain services that save you time can add to your happiness by giving you more time to do what you enjoy.
    • The Intern
    • The Money Pit
  • #4: Pay Now, Consume Later
    • You don’t have to buy the next big gadget or take that crazy vacation just because somebody else is. And drool over big purchases for a while before buying!
    • The Joneses
  • #5: Invest in Others

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