Chad Smith Quoted in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalChad Smith, CFP® was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

With the influx of social media, we are finding more opportunities to share the unique and special ways we are growing.

While we enjoy the national attention, we are still putting a major focus on our local efforts.

In the Wall Street Journal article, “Financial Advisers Look Local,” Shelly Banjo profiled several ways Financial Symmetry is reaching out to clients in the Triangle.

These initiatives include working with local charitable organizations, educating younger couples, and speaking at local companies in the Research Triangle Park.

We’ve also began writing more and providing information through our company’s blog, which the writer highlights in the article.

As with all our services, we want to spread our message of how we can best help people thoughtfully.  Serving people the best we can here in the Triangle is at the heart of this mission.

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