Allison Berger & Chad Smith Speak at NC State Personal Finance Club

NC State Personal Finance Club

What are the steps you wish you would have taken when first starting out?

So many of us begin our saving journey slowly.

For many a new car, extravagant trips, or expensive nights on the town are more important.

Whatever it is, our pent-up spending desires are alive and well when we get our first paychecks.

Allison Berger, CFP® and Chad Smith, CFP®, both partners at Financial Symmetry, Inc., returned to their alma mater to speak about these very topics to the Personal Finance Club at NC State.

Start Out on the Right Foot

Berger & Smith, both alumni of NC State, spent time sharing stories and decisions they made when starting their own careers.

They encouraged students by providing helpful tips about:

  • the importance of managing their personal finances
  • saving in your 401k early
  • some advice on finding jobs in a tough economic climate
  • the role opportunity cost should play in your decisions

Be creative.” said Berger. “Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are interested in a specific field, be open to taking an internship or part-time position if you are not able to find full-time work. This could always lead to a more permanent situation or provide you with skills that make you a more attractive candidate to other employers.

Smith emphasized the benefit of developing good habits now. “Starting a savings and investment plan early in your career can help you accumulate wealth more easily than someone who doesn’t start saving until their 30’s or 40’s.

To read more advice given by Smith & Berger, and learn more about the Personal Finance Club, click here for the full article.

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