Pre-Retirement Checklist

Your Pre-Retirement Checklist, Ep #68

When making your retirement decision, you likely get one chance to get it right. These type of situations are where checklists can shine. Understanding all your financial opportunities pre-retirement, can make life-changing differences in your retirement journey. Which is why…

Financial Acronymology, Decoded, Ep #63

Do you ever feel financial advisors speak a different language? Many clients feel their advisors throw around financial terminology that creates more confusion than clarity. Financial planners use mnemonics and acronyms since they are a great way to remember things….

Donor-Advised Fund

Tax Solutions for Charitable Giving, Ep #59

Charitable giving fills a need in our society and betters it as a whole. And until recently, donating to nonprofits helped people receive attractive deductions on their tax bills. With the recent tax law change, it’s important to understand how…

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