Solar Panels: Purchase vs. Lease

Solar PanelsResidential solar panel installations have grown dramatically over the last several years.  Where sunshine is plentiful, investing in solar panels is likely to produce at least a modest return on the investment.

In other places, some homeowners choose to have them even if they may not generate a positive return on the cost.

For those who want to have panels, there is sometimes a choice in how to pay for them.  You can either purchase them or lease them.

In a lease, a third party company will pay for and own the panels, and the homeowner pays a monthly lease payment to the lessor.

Based on this article, it appears that a lot of home buyers are not excited about assuming a solar panel lease, which has led to some home sellers having to reduce their home sales price.

It also appears that those sellers who purchased rather than leased got a premium price for their home.


Photo Copyright: elenathewise / 123RF Stock Photo

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