Spotlight on Compassion, Diligence and Teamwork: Emma Turner, FPQP®

Financial Symmetry’s core values drive our team towards excellent service to our clients. FSI has a formal process where our employees can recognize one another when someone demonstrates excellence in representing our core values.

Of the qualities that FSI looks for in our employees, Emma Turner, FPQP® shines a bright light on three most often: compassion, diligence, and teamwork. These values create a power trio that not only drives her individual success but also foster a harmonious and productive work environment for our growing team.

Emma’s ability to approach complex and emotional client conversations with compassion nurtures strong relationships with our clients and her colleagues. Emma’s compassion—through actively listening, offering support, and lending a helping hand—has been instrumental to our team’s success and growth since she joined us in 2019. She meets clients where they are and ensures they are prepared for what’s next, whether that’s with initial financial planning, onboarding new clients to our services or dealing with delicate estate matters.

Diligence is the unwavering commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of goals. Emma consistently goes the extra mile, paying meticulous attention to detail and inspiring others to elevate their own performance. Emma’s passion to learn led her to becoming our first Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP®), strengthening our commitment to education and professional growth. Her unwavering work ethic drives her to seek opportunities for growth and development, all the while embracing a mindset of continuous learning.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Financial Symmetry wouldn’t be what it is today without it. Emma embraces the spirit of teamwork and understands the importance of collaboration, that the collective effort of the team is far more impactful than individual contributions. She values diverse perspectives and willingly shares knowledge and her expertise. Emma joined us full-time following her internship and graduation in 2020 from NCSU. She jumped into her first role as a Client Service Associate during the early covid-19 pandemic, learning remotely during a time of incredible uncertainty. Emma’s fearless teamwork during her early career with us has helped refine and strengthen our training program, setting up future team members for success.

When someone combines compassion, diligence, and teamwork, they unlock the potential to make a profound impact on a team. Emma has done just that and so much more. By embracing these core values, Emma continues to have a deep impact on the future of Financial Symmetry, and I’m excited to see what she inspires FSI to become.

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