Sold Your Business, Received an Inheritance? Here’s the Next Steps Ep #82

You’ve just sold your business. Or maybe you received an inheritance. Making decisions on how to handle the lump sum proceeds can be paralyzing.

Most of us fear making a mistake with the money and when the stakes are high, the fear is heightened. In turn, this causes us to wonder if it’s wise to invest a big chunk of money with the markets near all time highs.

When deciding how to handle a lump sum, there’s more to consider than just investment decisions. Listen to this episode to hear about the things you may not have thought of when considering your lump sum investment options.

You have 4 options when you come into a large sum of money

You may have received an inheritance, sold a business, or received stock options or restricted stock.

However you received the money, there are really only four things you can do with it. You can:

  • Spend it
  • Pay down debt
  • Give it away
  • Invest it

In fact, spending a portion of your newfound wealth to treat yourself is a good first step. Then take a step back and analyze your new financial picture.

  • How have your goals changed?
  • Is retirement now just around the corner?
  • How will you need to invest to accomplish your new objectives?

Many people are quick to want to pay off all debt. But first analyze the kind of debt you have before rushing to pay it all off.

Paying off credit card debt is generally a good idea, but you might want to rethink paying off your mortgage. Before you make any decisions on what to do with the money you should take some time and consider all of your options carefully.

Analyze the tax implications

When receiving a lump sum of money, it is important to estimate the tax burden that comes with it.

You don’t want to spend all of the money and then discover that you owe a large amount in taxes. No one likes to pay penalties so it is important to do some tax planning first.

Take a comprehensive view of your tax strategies with a professional to help you consider all the options. There are many strategies you can consider to help ease the tax burden.

  • A donor-advised fund is a great choice for the charitably inclined.
  • Are their retirement accounts (SEP-IRA, 401k, Roth IRA, HSA’s)  you haven’t been maxing prior to the lump sum?
  • Could front-loading a 529 account be right for you?
  • What’s your plan for health insurance and how will the premium tax credit affect you?

You also want to consider the timing to ensure that your strategies are used in the same calendar year that you receive the lump sum.

What are some lump sum investment options?

We would all love to have a crystal ball to tell us the perfect time and place to invest our money. Instead, we ask questions like:

  • Should you invest it all at once?
  • Should you invest in small increments over time?
  • Or do what too many people do, and don’t do anything

Vanguard had an article which analyzed these lump sum investment options from a historical perspective. It turned out that about two-thirds of the time it was better to invest all at once. But, if you were prone to sell if experiencing a big loss in first few months, then investing over the next year may be best. Bottom line was that if you wait too long, you could end up regretting it.

We all have that fear of making a mistake, but that fear of missing out in a rising market compounds the difficulty of long-term decision making. Understand that your decisions won’t be perfect but at the end of the day, it’s all about the big picture. Think about your investment strategy. What assets make the most sense for your goals?

Implementing a customized strategy for your specific desires will give you the comfort of being able to sleep at night, knowing you have a plan in place.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:27] What are your options if you come into a large sum of money?
  • [7:53] Analyze the tax implications
  • [10:55] How to invest the lump sum
  • [16:08] Update your estate documents
  • [20:05] What is your cash flow?

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