Grayson Blazek


919-851-8200 ext. 210

Grayson is a CFP® who helps clients plan for retirement, make wise investment decisions and identify advantageous tax strategies. As a fee-only advisor, Grayson believes in offering comprehensive financial advice that is always in his clients’ best interest. He provides unbiased solutions that allow clients to make smart decisions today that will help improve their financial well-being for years to come.

Grayson joined Financial Symmetry in 2012 as an intern and after graduating from North Carolina State in 2013 he joined the team full-time. Grayson works with clients who want to find financial success by building long-term relationships with an experienced financial advisor. Achieving financial freedom doesn’t happen over night, but by setting goals and creating a financial plan, Grayson works closely with clients to help them stay on the path towards success.

Tax planning is an important part of daily life as well as overall financial planning.  With a keen interest in tax planning, he helps clients reduce their lifetime tax obligation by creating disciplined and diversified tax-efficient savings strategies. Grayson enjoys helping clients simplify otherwise complicated tax situations. His interest in understanding the inner workings of the tax code led him to pursue the Enrolled Agent (EA) designation.

Whether you plan to retire in five or 40 years, whether you’re a small business owner or an experienced professional, everyone can benefit from comprehensive financial planning. Through open and honest communication, Grayson helps clients better utilize their cash flow, save for retirement and become more tax-efficient. Complete financial planning doesn’t only help clients make one decision and it doesn’t only focus on one aspect of your financial situation. Grayson helps educate clients so they’re confident that the decisions they make today will create financial success in the future.

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Outside of the office Grayson enjoys spending time with his wife and their extended family. They enjoy being active outdoors and travelling throughout the United States. Some of his favorite vacation destinations include South Dakota and Charleston, South Carolina. Grayson also enjoys watching movies, especially Westerns.

If you want to build a long-term relationship with an experienced financial advisor, contact Grayson by phone: (919) 851-8200 ext. 210 , email: or connect with him on LinkedIn. He’ll help you create savings strategies, plan for retirement and become more tax-efficient.