Mike Eklund Obtains Advanced College Planning Designation

Mike Eklund Obtains Advanced College Planning Designation-Financial Symmetry, Inc.

The college funding process is one of the most important financial decisions a parent will make for their child.  It is also an area I particularly enjoy learning about.  Therefore, to improve my knowledge of the topic and provide better advice to students and families I recently completed the College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) program.

The CFSLA program provided a comprehensive approach to college planning requiring the participant to understand:
  • college savings plans,
  • financial aid,
  • education tax strategies,
  • student loans, and
  • various student loan repayment options.

I believe there is a significant shortfall of fiduciary advice in the industry today with many advisors either lacking the appropriate knowledge or not acting in their client’s best interest.

To pass the program I completed sixteen different courses with exams at the end of each course to confirm I was proficient in each subject matter.  Going forward, I’m required to annually complete ten hours of continuing education in college planning topics to maintain the designation.

The benefit is the CFSLA designation provided me the knowledge to assist students and families through the entire college planning financial decision process.  This combination of the program completed, the specific college planning online tool we utilize, and our financial planning software will help families make smart college decisions.  With 4-year college costs ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 it is important to make informed decisions with one of your biggest investments.

Do you have children and looking for fiduciary college planning advice?  Contact Financial Symmetry to discuss how we can help.

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