Episode 34 – Finances and Your Family

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We are so excited to welcome back Cameron Hendricks to the Financial Symmetry Podcast! He is back to discuss the journey of writing a book about financial decisions and how they affect your family dynamics. We chart his growth in thinking about financial planning and helping people achieve their financial goals.

Cameron shares a number of stories of financial planning decisions that impact our family’s well-being. He also calls on his experiences serving hundreds of clients and the problems that he solves for them over and over again.

These topics, such as retirement, cognitive biases, and budgeting, are timeless and will serve any family-oriented individual who is looking to make great decisions for their family. It’s a guide for tax planning, college saving, and achieving retirement.

Facts and Links Mentioned In the Show

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why Cameron felt he needed to write his book.
  • The challenges of adjusting to the retired lifestyle.
  • What financial goals you need to be planning for.
  • How weaving personal stories and cultural references into financial writing makes the topic more consumable.
  • Excellent book recommendations for continuing your financial education.

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