Employee Spotlight-Colton Tickle

Colton recently joined us full-time as our newest Client Service Associate after completing our internship program.  Colton works directly with our clients, assisting them with account maintenance, including onboarding them to our Continuous Service and assisting our Advisors with financial plans. He is also working on trading and asset movement processing for our clients, and is helping refine some of our core Client Communication efforts.

Even though he’s working on client services, Colton impressed us with his ability to help oversee a large data aggregation project as an intern, dramatically increasing the speed at which we’re able to collect information on our clients’ accounts. Colton also loves to stay busy and is eager to work on new projects within our company.  I recently asked him a few questions about himself so we can share a little bit about him with our clients.


1. Why did you decide to join FSI full-time?


I decided to join Financial Symmetry full-time after I graduated because I saw a great opportunity to learn and gain exposure to all aspects of financial planning, including the operational side. With Financial Symmetry being a smaller company I felt as though I would have greater exposure, which would allow myself to grow in the direction I wanted.


2. What are you most excited about learning in your new role?


I’m really excited about starting to assist clients and digging deeper into the financial planning side of client onboarding. Also, I’m really excited about working with my fellow team members to improve our processes to serve the client and provide a great learning environment for future interns.


3. What are some of your favorite activities you enjoy with your friends and family?


My favorite activity since I was young is riding motocross, and luckily, I’m still involved with the sport on a competitive level because of my two brothers. Other than that, I really enjoy cycling with local bike shops and I’ve started to research local competitive cycling events to maybe try before the end of the year.


4. What’s your favorite vacation/trip you’ve taken?


My favorite trip is a reoccurring trip the last two years to Buchanan, Michigan to watch the Red Bud motocross race. The race is on or around 4th of July so the atmosphere is amazing, especially being able to spend it with my family and friends.


5. Would you rather go skydiving or take a ride in a hot air balloon?

I haven’t been able to experience either but I think the rush of skydiving would be amazing.


We’re so excited to have Colton on board and hope you stop by to say ‘hi’ next time you’re in the office for a visit.

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