Avoiding Scams

Avoiding Scams

We work hard to build wealth for our clients while fostering an honest and open stream of communication about their financial situations.

As a result, it is upsetting to us when we see deceptive marketing practices to sell investment products or promote undesirable lending practices.  At best, these types of companies may offer products that are inappropriate for the consumer, and at worst they are flat out scams.

The Federal Trade Commission developed a website to demonstrate just how easy it is for scam artists to create reputable-looking marketing materials and websites.   In the link below and you will find a company that sounds like a great solution for your borrowing needs:

http://wemarket4u.net/esteemed/ [NOTE: As of 2013 the site has been taken down by the FTC]

Immediately, the word “Guaranteed” at the top should raise a red flag.  Click on any link within the page and you will find more tips from the FTC for identifying loan scams.  When evaluating investments or loan products, the age old advice still holds true – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

photo credit: jepoirrier

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