Heather Gudac

Heather serves as our Chief Operating Officer and is a partner at Financial Symmetry. Entrusted with crafting and executing Financial Symmetry’s strategic internal management, she leads the firm’s core operations, encompassing finance, human resources, and compliance in collaboration with our CCO.

Heather’s expertise spans over sixteen years in operations management.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management, focusing on Finance, from North Carolina State University. Joining Financial Symmetry in late 2006 as an intern, Heather’s became a partner in the firm in 2013. She’s held positions as our Operations Manager from 2010 to 2020, and Operations Specialist and Office Manager between 2008 and 2010.

Outside the professional realm, Heather and her husband, Alex, share their Durham home with their adventure dog, Benji. An avid music lover, Heather has a passion for travel that involves attending vibrant concerts. She loves hockey and enjoys cheering for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Heather is an engaged member of the High Impact Financial Operations Network (HIFON) and is apart of several mentoring groups within the HIFON community.