Top 4 Must Reads for February

Top 4 Must Reads

We have an all-star lineup this month. All four of these pieces are entertaining and thoughtful ways to spend your internet reading this month. Enjoy:


The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio – Next time you want to “do something different” with your investments, remember these words.  Josh Brown, aka The Reformed Broker, breaks down the biggest threat to your portfolio that you may not have been aware of.



You’re Doing Allowance Wrong – Do you have kids?  How much are you giving for allowances?  This article discusses the topic of allowances and instilling money management with your children.  In addition, Ron Lieber wrote the book on this topic which will help you set the best course for communicating with your children about money.




How Do You Spend Your Time and Your Money? – There is a record of what we value in life.  But you may not think about it that way.  In this article, Carl Richards does a phenomenal job of describing an easy method for us to assure our values match how we want our lives to really be.



Observations from a Decade in the Investment BusinessBen Carlson is one of the best at expressing complex topics in a common sense way (hence the name of his site).  He’s put together a great summary of 10 truths he’s learned over the last 10 years that can benefit those in any business.


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