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Social Security - Photo credit: www.LendingMemo.comSocial Security is one of the largest assets for most retirees, but very few understand its basic rules.  About a third of all people claim social security at age 62, but there are many benefits that are left on the table, especially for married couples.

Below is a link to a comprehensive article regarding the basics of social security.  The article was written in 2010; therefore, some of the tax numbers are incorrect, but the overall rules for social security have not changed.

Kiplinger – Getting a Bigger Check From Social Security: Choosing the right time to collect benefits can boost your income by thousands of dollars a year.

While this is a good place to start, your entire financial situation needs to be taken into account when deciding which social security option is best for you.

A financial planner can analyze all of your retirement options to develop an overall strategy that optimizes your retirement income.

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Social Security –  Photo credit:

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