Save More Time & Money During Back to School Time This Year, Ep #93

Are you looking for money and/or time-saving tips now that the summer is over and the kids are back to school? Summer can always feel expensive with summer camps, vacations, and then back to school shopping. With fall approaching and the kids back in school, we put together a list of ways you can save time and money to make this year better than the rest.

Time-saving tips

  1. Look at how you spend your time at home and see what you can contract out. Can you hire someone to clean or cut the yard? The more you can hire out the more quality time you’ll have with your family.
  2. Back to school means back to fundraising. If you have a volunteer requirement at your kids’ school get the volunteer hours in early. You could also see if the grandparents would be willing to volunteer. It’s a great way for them to get involved in their grandkids’ lives. You can also check if you can donate goods rather than time.
  3. Online grocery shopping saves lots of time. Oftentimes online shopping will save you money as well since there is less impulse buying. Another bonus is your kids won’t be asking for sugary snacks. Have you tried online shopping?
  4. Try meal planning. Some people use traditional meal planning using pen and paper, but you can also utilize services like Clean Eats or Donavon’s Dish. These services will save plenty of time while still managing to feed the family a healthy meal. Have you tried using a meal planning service or a subscription service?
  5. Get the kids to help. Kids can pitch in from a young age. They can help set the table, make a salad, sweep up or wash the dishes. You may get pushback at the beginning, but after making dinner chores a regular habit they will feel proud of their hard work.
  6. Skip the carpool line. The morning and afternoon carpool line can suck up to an hour out of your day! You can utilize before or after school programs to help you get more out of your time at work. Another idea is to have local grandparents help pick the kids up after school.
  7. Strategically work from home. You can skip additional time in the car by occasionally working from home. This may not work out for the whole day. But you could come home after lunch and work before having to go pick up the kids for their after school activities.

Money-saving tips

  1. Think about the holidays now. Consider how much you want to spend and create a budget. Do you want to travel? Plan out the travel in advance so that you know what you are going to spend. You can use an Amazon Wishlist to help you plan the gift-giving. Make sure to start saving for the holidays now.
  2. Reassess your monthly expenses. Fall is a great time to think about your expenses. If you have any decrease in your monthly expenses you can think about increasing your savings. Up your 401K contributions or max out your Roth. It always helps to have an automatic draft to savings. Focus on putting more toward long-term goals rather than short-term.

What do you do to save time and money at home? Have you started any new routines this school year? What is working for you? Let us know your money and time-saving tricks. Send us an email at or

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:47] Look at how you spend your time at home
  • [4:08] Back to school means back to fundraising
  • [7:37] Meal planning
  • [11:38] Skip the carpool line
  • [13:02] Strategically work from home
  • [15:15] Think about the holidays now
  • [16:27] Reassess your monthly expenses

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