Finding a Career in Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planning

Fee-only financial planning? Sounds like a mouthful. Let me explain…

I recently had the pleasure of returning to my alma matter at NC State to speak to the Finance Club about fee-only financial planning as a career path.  The finance club is comprised of students majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Finance.  The students are interested in all career path options available to them and meet regularly to learn about various industry topics.

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Rewarding Careers in Fee-Only Financial Planning

Part of my work on NAPFA’s South Region Board is spreading the word about fee only financial planning as a great career path for young people and introducing them to the different business models they will have to choose from as a financial advisor.  I was very impressed that many of the students were already familiar with the term fiduciary and knew the importance of acting in your client’s best interest.  We also discussed the many benefits that come from being a part of the NAPFA community as well as opportunities available to both students and young planners beginning their career journey.

I was most impressed by the student’s thoughtful questions after the presentation.  We had a lively discussion about our career paths and their goals as they pursue life after the classroom.  Darian assisted me with answering timely questions about the CFP® requirements as she recently completed that coursework and has fresh knowledge to offer.  Chad also joined us to take the lovely video you see here and answer questions on all thing podcast and social media.

Last but not least we spread awareness of our internship program and highlighted the current students rounding out our team at Financial Symmetry.  It was a joy interacting with students and we hope to be back for a visit in the Spring semester.

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