Teaching Your Kids About Money, Ep #32

Kids about MoneyEveryone has a unique road to financial literacy.

One common trait we all share is that we hope to pass our wisdom on to the next generation, and that they will learn valuable lessons while they are young. In today’s episode, Chad and Mike share their best tips and tricks for doing just that.

It’s important when educating your kids about the basics of finance to start early and teach in accordance with age. Many of the most successful financial adults were taught saving from a very young age.

The guys share stories and lessons from their own experiences parenting, and systematically go through each stage of their kids’ development and explain the most important lessons to teach.

Facts and Links Mentioned In the Show

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • When to start educating your kids about money.
  • The philosophy behind giving and allowance.
  • Lessons for kids at different stages of development.
  • The importance of charitable giving.
  • Conversations to have with your high schooler.
  • What your kids need to know upon entering the workforce.

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