Beware of Brokerage House Research

To be successful as an investor, you have to know which type of sources you can trust. It’s also helpful, to not let recent past performance color your predictions of where the best future returns will arise.  In a recent article…

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tax Credits

For me, one of the neatest things about living in the Avent West community has been observing the transformation of homes through remodel, refurbishment and even reconstruction.  In fact, the same could be said about the entire city of Raleigh…

Motivation for Financial Fitness

Finding the motivation to save can be just as difficult as motivating yourself to diet and exercise. In both cases you know the outcome will be worthwhile — financial security and better health. However, taking the steps to get there is easier said than done.

RMDs Can Lead to Tax Planning Opportunites

Distributions from your retirement accounts are not required by the IRS for 2009 but does that mean that they aren’t necessary? For those who have other sources of cash flow, this waiver does present opportunities for tax planning purposes.

There’s Something About Budgeting

If you haven’t noticed, budgeting is hip these days. This is thanks to the economic uncertainty caused by the stock market’s second worst bear market in the last 100 years. People’s fear of losing their jobs and significant losses in their investment accounts has shifted the importance of financial planning and knowing how to budget back into the spotlight. But there are still people resistant to both of these ideas.

Thinking Outside the 529 Box

Naturally parents want to provide the best for their children. For many parents today this means paying for them to earn a college degree. This is an admirable goal, and one that their children will greatly appreciate when they graduate free from student loan debt. But what does saving for the ever-rising cost of college tuition mean for their other lifestyle goals?

When Your 401k Match is Suspended

In the current economic environment employers are evaluating all of their cost cutting options, which may lead to suspending or reducing their 401k match. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding if you should continue contributing to your 401k plan.

Be a Savvy Grocery Shopper

With the price of consumer goods increasing, Financial Symmetry would like to pass along a few money-saving tips that can help you trim your grocery bill, as well as help to find savings at restaurants.