Retirement Mythbusters, Ep #99

Who you gonna call? Retirement Mythbusters! Not as catchy as Ghostbusters, we know, but these retirement myths can be much more hazardous to your long-term financial health. Many of us have certain beliefs from internet rumors or family hearsay that…

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth It? Ep #98

 If you’ve reached your 50’s, you’ve likely wondered, is long term care insurance worth it? Long-term care insurance comes with so many questions and opinions. The decision is complex as it’s highly customized due to individual circumstances of saving,…

emotional investing

Leave Your Emotions at the Door When Investing

Emotions have a sneaky way of taking over your investment thinking. Emotional investing clouds your judgment and lead you to act in ways that are counterproductive to your financial success. Instead, investments should be evaluated on their merit. Here are…

What We Learned at FINCON

For the last few years, I’ve attended a conference called FINCON. And each year when asked what conference I attended, I’ll hear a quip related to Comic-Con. But it does peak the person’s interest, prompting them to ask what the…

Pretty In Pink Foundation Classic Recap

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one of the ways Financial Symmetry is proud to promote the cause is by supporting the Pretty In Pink Foundation. This wonderful organization provides uninsured and under-insured breast cancer patients in North Carolina…

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