Understanding Morningstar Star Ratings

When selecting mutual funds to use in our client’s accounts we use various quantitative and qualitative factors to evaluate if we believe a fund can add value.  Morningstar is the most widely used source of mutual fund data and analysis,…

Fund Performance Linked to Management Ownership

When researching mutual funds to invest client funds, we evaluate numerous aspects including (just to name a few): corporate culture manager experience compensation research philosophy expenses management ownership Naturally, one of our primary concerns is that fund managers have their interests…

Thinking Outside the 529 Box

Naturally parents want to provide the best for their children. For many parents today this means paying for them to earn a college degree. This is an admirable goal, and one that their children will greatly appreciate when they graduate free from student loan debt. But what does saving for the ever-rising cost of college tuition mean for their other lifestyle goals?

When Your 401k Match is Suspended

In the current economic environment employers are evaluating all of their cost cutting options, which may lead to suspending or reducing their 401k match. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding if you should continue contributing to your 401k plan.