Ep 43 – Steps to Take After The Equifax Breach

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Equifax Credit BreachInterest remains high of how to protect yourself after the Equifax Credit scandal. The good news is there are steps you can take to mitigate your risks and guard your credit reputation. The bad news is that similar breaches have occurred before and will happen again.

Listen this week as Chad and Mike discuss ways thieves will try and take advantage and the details on steps you can take to decrease your risk of having your credit compromised.

Facts and Links Mentioned In the Show

  • Credit Karma free tool for credit monitoring
  • NY Times – Questions on the Equifax Breach
  • Our Blog – What to Do About the Equifax Security Breach
  • Annual Credit Report – Free reports from the 3 major credit reporting agencies
  • Before this breach, last year 4.2 billion personal records were stolen
  • 80 million social security numbers were stolen in 2015 Anthem breach

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Ways Thieves Will Try to Use Your Info
  • How your tax return refund could be at risk
  • Differences between a Credit Lock and a Credit Freeze
  • Pros and Cons of a Credit Freeze
  • Why Credit Monitoring is vital
  • Steps to take to mitigate your risk
  • If compromised, contact:
    • the major credit agencies
    • the Federal Trade Commission
    • and file a complaint at your local police station in case of a security breach.

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